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Jones Foundation

2501 West 18th, Suite D

Assists eligible families with medical care (dental, hospitalization, physician, psychiatric, special equipment needs and vision/hearing) for persons under the age of 21. Provides post-secondary education assistance to individuals.

Must be resident of Coffey, Lyon or Osage Counties 1 year prior to applying. Must apply prior to care.

How to get assistance

Before seeking any medical treatment, a family must first contact the Jones Foundation office to complete a written application to determine the needs of the family, the financial situation, the number of family members, other resources, etc. In emergency cases, it may not be possible to have a written application prior to the emergency. In such cases, a member or representative of the family must contact the office within 15 working days of the initial treatment. The Jones Foundation reviews each application to determine whether qualifications and eligibility for financial assistance have been met. The Jones Foundation’s Board of Trustees, in its sole discretion, has the final decision regarding the qualification, eligibility, and the amount of financial assistance to be awarded.

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